Regional Dance America/Southwest Festival 2019

About RDA/Southwest

We represent the southwest states of the National RDA organization. RDA is an association of ballet companies with memberships reaching across the country. Founded in 1988, it continues the work of the National Association for Regional Ballet which contributed to the decentralization of dance.

As regional companies grew in stature and quality, the five regional organizations were established, the Mid-States, the Northeast, the Pacific, the Southeast, and the Southwest. Regional Dance America has and will continue to dedicate itself to fostering quality, promoting education and nurturing the talents of dancers and choreographers throughout the country while exploring new horizons.

The mission of RDA-Southwest is to promote artistic excellence in dance through education, choreography, and performing opportunities for our member companies.

President: Melissa Schoenfeld
Vice Presidents: Ghost Host, Rebecca Stalcup & Meredith Zachritz
Secretary: Missy Crain
Treasurer: Rachel Kerr
Parliamentarian: Kirt Hathaway
Membership: Kelly Fortier Apetrei
Historian: Glenda Brown
National Coordinator: Debbe Busby
Alternate Coordinator: Karen Heiden
National Brd Rep: Missy Crain